The Artist

The professional career of artist Neva Baxter has been as a psychologist and family therapist. She had a private practice for over 20 years in North Vancouver, BC. Neva has long had a desire to paint. It had been there in her childhood, and then re-emerged as a young mother.

However, a young marriage, three children, returning to school as a mature student and eventually a career as a therapist took precedence. Over the years, the inner urge grew from a desire to a strong need. It was in the early 90’s, while doing some inner exploration that Neva began to uncover the deeply buried desire to paint. Neva began by taking some private classes from an accomplished artist who painted in the traditional Chinese style, this artist emphasized the need to “paint from the heart.”

Over the years, Neva continued to take art workshops through the Federation of Canadian Artists, however, she eventually realized that if she did not pursue her art in a more committed way, she could die with her dream buried inside of her. In 2001 she set up an art studio in her home and began to paint regularly. Neva feels most alive when she is painting and loves the process. Neva is most grateful to have this love and joy and be able to finally express it. She hopes her floral art uplifts, brings joy and nurtures the spirit of the viewer.

Artist Statement

My inspiration comes from nature, particularly flowers. I often paint single, bold images of flowers, featuring an intimate detailed view. I paint flowers freshly picked from my garden or from images that I have photographed in my garden and or the neighborhood. Flowers intrigue me with their innumerable compositional shapes, intricate detail, colour variations and the way they are changed by light and shadow. I am inspired (in-spirit) when I see them, wanting to move in and get a closer look, they draw me in and into my own spiritual energy. It is said that “seeing beauty in a flower could awaken humans, however briefly, to the beauty that is an essential part of their own innermost being, their true nature.” (Eckhart Tolle)

For me, they symbolize the soul. They die off, disintegrate, disappear and yet are reborn again and again. They can grow in the most difficult of conditions, have such strength and yet are so fragile and vulnerable. They are like a light to the world; representing beauty, joy, love, celebration, comfort and giving hope as they die off and returning again in all their beauty. Flowers are an expression of the divine that never ceases to move me deeply. I find painting flowers to be meditative and view it as part of my spiritual practice, connecting me to my deepest self.

Commission Inquiries Are Welcome

If you would like to consider having a piece of art commissioned, please contact
Neva by email or telephone 604-984-7207

Commissions are ideally suited to fit specifically in your home or office. They make a wonderful gift for a special occasion, wedding, retirement, birthday or simply as a lovely gift to yourself to enjoy on a daily basis.

The process may start with a favorite flower, color or image. It may be that you like a particular painting in my gallery and wish to have something similar but in a different size to fit your space requirements.

I would enjoy speaking with you personally to share your ideas, discuss prices and to gather more information.

Copyright of all pieces remain with the artist